Take a break. Listen to some ‘LIVE MUSIC’


If you haven’t yet attended any LIVE Music Show, I recommend you must. Real stress buster. Doing that is quite simple and also quite cheap. Keep a check on websites like ‘

http://www.bookmyshow.com’ or simply keep a track of college fests going around in your city. If you wish I can inform you about that.
I had always wanted to listen Live music. I had previews of some of it school, with some societies doing live shows at school. But the real opportunity came in when I joined college. I realized the reason why most college students (including me) were excited about their college fest was the Star Nights or Pro Nights or whatever specific names are given to these ‘special’ night events. What happens at these ‘special night’ events is renowned singers and bands perform especially for the college students. Just as they would do on for any concerts they may have organised in your city previously.
The first Live music I attended was at IIT Delhi by Mohit Chauhan and Faridkot*. What was more fascinating was that I gained entry even with out a pass. Thanks to my friends Arjun and Arpit. Since then I have been a Mohit Chauhan Fan. So why a live music show? You could always listen to some good music at your really capable music system. But apart from the great music, it’s the atmosphere. The ambiance , the enthusiasm of the people present there and the fun being with your friends leaves you thrilled. There seems to be a seamless connection between you and the singer. The performances are such crafted that you feel the singers are exclusively performing for you!
The performances refresh you to the core. Hearing it LIVE is nothing like it.
So getting back to the point of where and how do you get the info about the concerts. If you are a college student, this is simple as I mentioned earlier. Just flash your college ID card at a college fest and get a pass which would either be free or cost at most around 300 bucks. Many would include that in the Registration Fees which you paid for participation (if you did) in the events. Another way could be to find friends like mine who could get you entry through “other” means.

If you are not a college student, simply keep a check on websites like bookmyshow.com or kyazoonga.com. Many concerts that are held in your city provide tickets through these websites. Doesn’t mean you could not attend the performances at college fest which are definitely cheaper. All you have to do, is arrange for passes through a college student or get VIP passes through the organizers considering the fact that many ‘grown ups’ wouldn’t like to be in the hustle bustle of college students.

Believe me the experience is truly refreshing. But make sure that you have somebody to accompany you to the show, going alone could be quite be boring. I have tried that. Share your experiences with me, write back to me at muditbhargava09@gmail.com or just a drop your comments here.
*Faridkot are the runners up of Channel [V] Launch Pad. You can check http://www.faridkotonline.in /

A not so good quality video of the IIT Delhi event. You can find more of them at You Tube.