Gulp The Tablet!




Galaxy Tab

No Particular liking for the iPad. See, I preferred the Galaxy Tab Picture over the iPad here. ūüôā


This article comes as an aftermath of a tablet overdose!

Year 2010 has been the year of tablet computing. Tech Companies have been desperate about manufacturing and selling tablets to you. Though every year some or the gadgets turns up on my wish list – I haven’t been very keen on the tablets. Who needs a tablet after all? Okay, I must admit – it’s absolutely fine if someone gifts me one!

We all know the theory of a tablet bridging the gap between a Smartphone and the Laptops. What Ever. ¬†My question – Who needs a tablet¬†after all? With all the companies going gaga over tablet, this is something that’s kept me thinking. Lets see who would/wouldn’t need a tablet and why:


Make Class notes on this gadget? Forget about it. A good tablet would always come with a capacitive touch screen ( a lame¬†explanation: iPhone like and Touch Screen + Stylus phones unlike) and you’ll always end up writing too big characters or making a ‘b’ read ‘o’. So may be as an e-book reader? Digital bookmarks, instant Googling, highlighting with different colors, different fonts – seems cool. The problem is that aren’t many “text books” on the digital book stores. If there are, ¬†they are too expensive for you to switch to digital reading.

What it can do though is replace your over filled file of assignment sheets, lab manuals or project instructions. If you like reading from PowerPoint Slides or from the internet, you’d really find this helpful. You’d love sharing a video with a friend or showing him pictures of your recent outing without having to open up that bulky laptop or compromising on the quality with the tiny low-res mobile phone screens [ some good screen phones excluded ].

Sales and Marketing Executives:

This is one area where the tablets have been already put to great use. There have been restaurants that switched to ‘iPad Menus’. The sales executives at some luxury car show rooms are now being provided with tablets (iPads and Mercedes to be precise) to calculate EMIs and provide technical information about cars. BMW integrated the iPad in its car.

Its easier to maintain spreadsheets on a small handy device as it gives you instant access to frequently required data. Colorful Product Catalogs that may be have to shown to a client – tablet is such an impressive way to do it. ¬†Though the negative that comes with all this is the high cost of tablets. So you can’t expect a tablet welcome at all restaurants, car show rooms or a small electronics store in the nearby market. Links for more information. – BMW iPad integration – Restaurant with iPad menus


For a businessmen whose core computing work is done being by his office, tablet is not a bad idea! E-mailing, Net Banking, going through spreadsheets, a couple of video conferences in a day – don’t require huge computing power – a tablet fits right in place. Though the constraints of a touch keyboard,¬†compatibility of banking sites on mobile browsers is an issue.


If you’ve seen a case file of a lawyer, you’d realize how better it is holding a tablet than a 1000 pages with popping bookmarks! But you can also imagine the plight of typing those 1000 pages on a touch screen keyboard. Again this points to the same thing – tablets are not stand alone devices. They need your laptop or PCs to support them.


Grrh… Excuse Me. Another reference to ¬†the iPad. I’d like to directly¬†quote¬†from Apple’s website:

In Pompeii ‚ÄĒ the longest continuously excavated archaeological site in the world ‚ÄĒ iPad is revolutionizing how scientists work in the field. Rather than recording notes and sketches on paper, researchers at the site use iPad and apps to capture invaluable historical data faster, more easily, and with far better accuracy.

Games, Fun Apps and utilities

Casual gaming and fun to use apps work great on large touch screens. People have been doing some amazing stuff with apps – and the video would give you an idea on how powerful mobile apps could be.

You may check out¬† for videos on apps. Let me know the links for the other device as well. ūüėõ

What do you think about the ‘Tablet Outrage” ? Would ¬†you like spending ¬†Rs. 25,000 + for another entertainment device? Another Power Point Presentation Device? Another Business Device? Another Gaming Device may be?

Do you think if there is space for another gadget in our daily lifestyle? I would love to hear from you.

Happy New Year 2011!



Emerging Trends and Technologies: The App Stores


There is an app for this. There is an app for that. Apple ¬†says there is an app for almost everything on the iPhone (or more correctly I should say the iOS devices). I’d like to modify that a little – There is app for almost everybody. Apple have no doubt been the pioneers of the ‘App Store’ and lead the market with over a million apps and a greater downloads.


Now let me not crib about other companies ‘copying, following or taking inspirations ‘ from the Apple idea ( Apple might now be used to it! ) but lets take a moment and realize that how the mobile phone applications are changing the way we use our phones, much the way applications did in the mid nineties (the era of Windows 95 and Windows 98) to the PC. Remember taking a ‘floppy full’ of those bow and arrow games or the Aladdin and Mario Games from your friends. Let’s see how this development affects the developers, the mobile operators, the handset manufacturers and most importantly us – the consumers.

Talking about the mobile operators. Airtel has an App Store, Vodafone has an App store and you definitely might have seen the Aircel ads recently. Excuse me for using the word ‘App Store’ – it is much like calling the (musical instrument) keyboard a CASIO. A store where applications are sold – the App Store for Apple , the Android Market for Google or the OVI (Ovee – the correct pronunciation) from Nokia . Even if you don’t have a handset which by defaults links you to the company app store or perhaps doesn’t have one – your operator is reaching out to you. ¬†Common, how does the¬†presence¬†of these operator app stores affect at all? Well there are more people talking about the features in terms of downloads instead of the ones listed at the back of ¬†the cell phone box. ¬†“Yeh feature to download karna padega”.

Next the manufacturers. I don’t have any access to the inside scoop of the policies being implemented by the manufactures but what you can definitely see is that there are more of the ‘applications store’ ¬†phones in the market than the ones which just focused on playing your music and taking pictures. ¬†The¬†manufacturers¬†have their own application markets. Nokia has one – the OVI store as I mentioned above, the Windows Market Place – from Microsoft for there Windows powered phones and others. The app store not only gets them more profits but reduce the burden of powering your handsets with different software. So if the Motorolla shipped a dedicated facebook app with their phone – Nokia doesn’t have to launch a new ‘Facebook’ phone.

The Developers. Here is an interesting calculation to show to you. An app popularly sells for $ 0.99. 1 Billion Apps were downloaded in just 9 monts on the Apple App Store. If you have ¬†great idea, and your app gets on the Top 25 List or tops it’s category or even makes it to the ‘App of the week’ section – chances are that you’ll sell say roughly a 4000 copies of your app worldwide. 4000 because the no of apps on the App Store are 2,50,000. So number of Downloads/No of Apps.

Now check this:

$0.99 x 4000 = $3960 or Rs. 1,82,160

A good developer would have is app on multiple platforms – Nokia, Android and Blackberry.

$3960 x 3 = $11880 =  Rs. 5,46,880

Add to this the operator app stores. The value goes up further! ¬†” One ¬†App gets over $11,000″. Though developers get only 70% of it on most app stores!

Yeah, these calculations are completely baseless. But you see if even some pie of that is correct, the amount is huge :P.

It’s not only about the money. There were apps earlier and there were no stores but some malicious websites that sold you these applications. What happened was most users were reluctant to visit these websites, download them first on the computer and ¬†transfer them to the phone. Application development for mobile phone had little space in the market. Who’d know if you made a Criss Cross app for the Nokia N72? With these application markets, developers just need to focus on developing the app. The application markets take care of the popularity.

Let’s see how it was buying a phone couple of years back.

– New phone launched in the market.

– Huge hype and excitement.

– Every 3rd person gets the same phone.

РThe phone has some very basic features. You explore them  within a week.

– Games. 4? 5? Pre-installed games. Take a couple of more from friends.

– 6 Months Later. Phone prices dropped by 25 %.

– No new games/applications.

– New handset, with new games and new applications.

– Get bored with your handsets, perhaps even before the warranty expires.

Now, with app stores on your phone, you can add more power to your existing handset with  just a click. No going to the websites and transferring data through PC Suites. So you buy a phone today and keep adding new features to it every month!

What do you feel about the ‘App Revolution’. Let me know! Would love to hear from you…