Previous Year DS Questions and Physics Practice Test


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iPhone: Myths and Facts


Myth: You can not forward messages on an iPhone.
Fact: With the launch of iPhone OS 3.0 (free update for all iPhone users), you can forward messages on an iPhone. All new iPhones come pre installed with the OS 3.0 or above.

Myth: No Cut, Copy Paste on iPhone.
Fact: You can cut, copy and paste text and pictures on iPhone.

Myth: You can not share photos through Bluetooth.
Fact: The receiving device must be compatible to do that, iPhone can transfer photos through Bluetooth.

Myth: Updating iPhone is a tedious task.
Fact: Updating iPhone is very easy. Just connect your iPhone to iTunes and the rest is done. Updating iPhone your not only adds new features but also improves battery life.

Myth: iPhone battery don’t last even a day on standby.
Fact: Tested. iPhone batteries last at least 2 days on stand by. (Push Notifications disabled).

Myth: You can not listen to music, while working on the other apps.
Fact: Absolutely wrong. You can minimize the iPod app and work on the other apps. Double tapping the Home button even shows the control buttons, without disturbing the current application.

Myth: iPhone touch screens are too clumsy to type.
Fact: Thanks to the great touch screen interface of iPhone, it ignores unwanted touch gestures and the typing experience is at par with the other touch phones.

Myth:You have to get one of the speakers of iPhone unlocked.
Fact: This is the weirdest rumor I have heard. The other speaker looking inlet on the bottom right of the iPhone is actually the microphone.

Myth: You cannot transfer files from your  PC to an iPhone.
Fact: There are several free applications on the Apple App Store that allow you to transfer files on your iPhone wirelessly.

Myth: There is no POP3 support for Windows LIVE accounts/hotmail  email accounts.
Fact: False. There is support for all popular e-mail service providers including Windows LIVE accounts. In fact there are no constraints on configuring POP3 accounts on iPhone.

Based on my experience with people talking about the iPhone. Would love if  you could add more to the list!

P.S. I am a big Apple Fan. ūüėõ