I’ll pay the price…


You switch on your computer. You start a internet browser. It’s time to take the daily dose of internet surfing, chatting and some social networking. But imagine if these “free” to access websites switched to become “paid” services.Will you the pay the price? Here’s how some of the services may change for the worse!

Facebook: Social Networking @ $0.99 . What’s on your mind? Post it down at $0.99. You were tagged in an album, Mohit likes your post, pay $0.99. They can keep signing up for the account free though. They may change their tag line on the website to : Worth the price and everyone can join!

Twitter: What are you doing? Tell the world in $ 3 only.
You Tube: You heard that a sneak peak of a new movie was exclusively available on You Tube. How about if You Tube shows you the ‘trailor of the trailor’? Will you pay the price?
GPS with Google Maps: You start to move on the directions calculated. At a point the application asks you, Left or Right? Pay $2 to know!

Instant Messengers: The Instant time wasters in fact. How about if they become paid? Horrible Idea.

What basically brings me to the point of free and paid online services is realization of the fact of how we use these websites. Google Maps now routes the directions in India at most places. So nothing but just for fun, let’s find the directions between our workplace and home. Or endlessly sit down to watch repeats of a T.V. program on YouTube. If these services would have been paid, we would have perhaps been more sensible in our approach to using these websites. What’s your say? Leave your comments or e-mail me at muditbhargava09@gmail.com. 🙂

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