Aranya 2009-The Tech Fest of Thapar University


Right, I am putting down this quite late. But just after I came back from the fest at Thapar University there was a spur of lab tests, quizzes and the final semester exam. 🙂 Better late than never.

Let’s directly jump to the activities of Day1.

Day 1
29th October 2009
We left for Patiala by boarding a bus at the ISBT (thats Inter State Bus Terminal, Delhi) in the morning. The journey was comfortable but little fun. Nikhil(friend from college who accomponied me) was asleep for most of the journey and I spent most of the time listening to my iPod. It took us around 5 hours to reach there. We were welcomed by bus horns that sounded similar to wedding tunes you hear the band-walas play!

Okay. That’s it about the journey. Reaching the college campus, we firstly completed all the registeration and accomodation formalities. We were alloted the PG Hostel . That’s short or the Post Graduate Hostel. We were asked to put our beddings in the Cyber Center room of the hostel. Actually that was the only room where there was space to accommodate two people.
It was evening and after few discussions on our colleges we headed for the first event.
The core programming event, I am saying “core” because they were other events too that included programming, was titled ‘Knight Coders”. The literally meant that it was “night coding”. We qualified for the finals of the event. But a bigger challenge lied ahead. The finals as I mentioned was an overnight event. To add to that I had woken up early that day, travelled for about 6 hrs and didn’t sleep even in the bus. So I was really horrified with this idea of theirs. I tried everything to stay awake. Drank water now and then, went out for a walk in the walk. But nothing seemed to work. Infact leaning against the wall I switched off the other team’s computer. It was then that Mridul and Nikhil decided it was time for me to leave. As for the event, we were able to solve one question of all. But we didn’t give up till 5:00 am. Mridul and Nikhil continued till 5:30 am though!

Day 2:

Getting up after 5 hours of sleep, I got ready for the string of events that lined up for the day. I was quite slow, and we reached the venue for Crypy Raiders at the last moment. I’ll discuss about the event later. We appeared for two back to back prelims and then headed for the lunch . Since we qualified both fro Crypt Raiders and Virtual Warriors, our afternoon was busy again. Crypt Raiders was an event where you had to solve some Crytic Problems and also write a code for that logic. We were quite near to the top slot, but couldn’t make it finally.

Virtual Warriors was one event which Mridul insisted was not meant for us , Nikhil was sure we could do it and I agreed to both of them and sat with them for some time. They suggested they suggested that they had deviced the logic for the problem, but the implementation was quite tough.

In the evening we were back with for another prelims, Crypt Pyrates. This was one of my fave event and where I believe we had worked really hard. We qualified for the finals once again. But again this was an overnight event. Mridul and me slept by turns between the events. But this was real fun. We were in fact quite close to winning. I was really dissaspointed at the end of the event. But it was throughly enjoying.For me this was the best event. Recalling about it even today, excites me about going to the event next year again.

I also want to mention about the Star Night here where Mohit Chauhan was present. I had heard him at IIT Delhi, so comparision with that event was obvious. He was a lot better at IIT Delhi. He sang more songs there and also interacted with the audience well.

Day 3
We didn’t sleep at the night of Day 2. We definately wanted to take part in the Quiz. As this was the event we have been participating since our school days. We were really excited about the quiz. After the breakfast and a quick nap, (Mridul didn’t have the priveldge of that… he had to participate in a Group Discussion where he also won) Mridul and me headed for the quiz. After the prelims we were very uncertain that we would qualify for the finals of the quiz. But it was not long before that the Quizmaster announce that our team qualified for the finals. We were at the second position till the penultimate round. But for the final round the positions were tied. We played it safe, since there was negative marking. We just needed 10 points and we scored it on the last question, winning QUEEK 2009!

Our participation didn’t stop here, we wanted to try our hands at the GK Quiz. The attempt was unsuccessful though.

But apart from the Quiz win the other highlights of the day was the Car show and the poetry of Dr. Kumar Vishwas. I recommend you must see this video.

Day 4
We left back for Delhi.


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