Coming Soon: Microsoft Windows 7


Coming this October is a new version of Microsoft Operating System – Windows 7.
But, the transition from Windows Xp/Vista to Windows 7, won’t be that easy and simple. Perhaps you may need to do something like this.. (check the video) or perhaps the following might help to choose which version of Windows suits you.

Just like Windows Vista, Windows 7 comes in four different flavours, with a little variation among the different versions.Windows 7 can easily run on a Windows Vista compatible PC. If you wish to officially upgrade your “Genuine” Windows Vista to a “Genuine copy” of Windows 7 it can be quite complicated. Following are the transitions that can be made.

Windows Vista Basic to Windows 7 Starter
Windows Vista Home Premium to Windows 7 Home Premium
Windows Vista Enterprise to Windows 7 Enterprise
Windows Vista Ultimate to Windows 7 Ultimate.
Or you might upgrade from any Windows Vista Version to Windows 7 Ultimate Edition.

If you run Windows XP on recently configured computers you may be able to switch to Windows Vista.

Thats all (perhaps!) about the upgrade. Now about some cool features of Windows 7:

1. Automatic Alignment of windows
Dragging a window to left or the right corners of the screen, fits it in exactly half of the screen.

2. Transperency
Not just the title bars go transperent in Windows 7, but dragging the mouse pointer to corner of the screen makes all the open windows transparent and you can get a quick peek at the desktop.

3. Improved taskbar
See what’s open with previews on moving the mouse over the thumbnail on the taskbar.

4.Jump Lists – Quick access to common tasks

Details of the above features are available on:
http://microsoft .com/windows/windows-7/features/whats-new.aspx


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