Gateway 2009


For those who missed Gateway 2009, here are the details of our successful annual tech fest.

(It’s actually quite detailed)

Over the years, we have been receiving a very good response to the event, with over 25 schools participating from all over the Delhi. The numbers dipped a little this year with simultaneous events taking place at other schools in Delhi.


The event began in a traditional Montfortian Style. The inaugural speech was very well written though, “everyone one returns as a winner at G@teway”. We had the lighting of the lamp on the computer as usual, the prayer, followed by a fairly good video. I had to be organizing the Surprise Event, so right after all the inaugural formalities I headed towards the Primary Lab, where the event was being organized. Though I couldn’t get to see the other events, I am putting down the info I got from the other organizers.


The Quiz was tough? Perhaps. Anyways all quizzes seem tough to me. The Quiz finalists were DPS Mathura Road, Manav Sthali School, DPS R.K. Puram and two other teams which I don’t remember! The winners were DPS Mathura Road. We did commit at the beginning of the quiz finals that the quiz is workable, but perhaps it didn’t seem to the participants. Three of the five teams couldn’t score even a single point.

C++ Programming

The event was successfully organized by Bhavay Garg. This is one event where we have no complications organizing-minimum System Requirements, the compiler is pre-installed and no graphic problems. The only complications are perhaps faced by the participants – solving those tricky questions!


Samarth prepared some really good questions for the event. They reminded me of the “Comprehension Type” questions in the IIT-JEE paper. You needed to read the passage, understand the logic and then answer the questions. I heard that a lot of teams were able to solve the questions, though they asked for hints for which there was obviously negative marking.

Group Discussion

3 On-stage rounds. 2 Prelims and one final. It was organised by Mrittunjoy. The event was introduced in G@teway three years back and since then it has been a huge success, replacing our previous on-stage events “Kavi Samelan” and “Ad-Venture”. I heard that the final topic had to be explained to the participants, many of them didn’t get what all it was about.

Hardware Assembling

The participants had to just assemble the hardware to boot the computer. This was one of the easiest events I suppose, also easy for us to decide the winners! Not many schools could do it in time, probably because they wanted to make sure that every single port/wire is fitted somewhere. One of the schools even messed up the processor-turning down to pins while fixing it.

Surprise Event

The event organized by me and some computer club students. Jojo (Bhaiya) was also dedicated in this lab, fixing computers as they went down every 10 minutes! The event was that the participants had to complete three tasks: Solve a crossword and play “Frets on Fire” and “Typing of the dead”. Both of them are good time pass games. The winners were DPS Dwarka, Runners Up: St. Xaviers and 2nd Runners Up: Sachdeva Public School.

Digital Imaging

Participants had also submitted Digital Imaging Entries at the time of registration.

The ex-students were awarded with iBall headphones.

Yet another Gateway was successfully organized, apart from a few hiccups though! I have been reported that there were 11 power cuts.

Other Gateway pictures are available on Facebook in Bhavay Garg’s Profile.




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